Day um…okay we’re going with 11

I know I know I missed a couple days again. Sometimes though, you have to take a mental health day. I still stayed on plan and got my workout in, I just kind of went radio silent. Then yesterday was all meal prep and that took up my entire day between shopping, cooking and portioning out food as well as eating and making sure I work out. Yes eating is challenging.

Apparently Jenn here wasn’t eating enough because when I came off 3 Day Refresh I discovered that my meal plan, means I eat a lot. It’s gotten a little better, I’m trying to make sure I space out when and what I eat so I’m not stuck eating all my veggies at this time or that time etc, but it definitely takes some planning.

So as of now I’m already halfway through the 21 day fix? How do I feel? Pretty great honestly. Anxiety issues unrelated to this aside, physically and mentally I’ve felt good. I have a great team of support pushing me forward with this and I am noticing small changes in myself. Not necessarily physically but I’m sure they’re there too. I noticed this week with the workouts I’m having to do modifications less and less (still struggling with planks though!!!)

My energy is way up and I’m trying to get back to working on other things I need to be working on such as my writing. I haven’t released a new novel in about over a year now I think. I have the next one written but I’m getting back to work on the second in that series.

As far as meal prepping goes this week here is what my menu looks like… like I said its a lot of food! With portion fix I get so many of the following containers with their coordinating colors so I’ll add a number and each heart that is in each meal

💚 5 veggies

💜 3 fruit

❤️ 5 protiens

💛 4 carbs

💙 1 Healthy Fat

🧡 1 seeds & dressing

🖤 5 oils and nut butters

Post workout: Cafe Latte Shakeology Cinnamon Dolce recipe with spinach added (nope you cant taste it!)

1💚 1❤️ 1🖤

Snack: Small banana (they say half banana, but I just buy smallest ones I can find)


Breakfast: Pumpkin spice overnight oats (recipe below!)

1❤️ 1💛 1🧡 1 💚

Snack 2: grapes


lunch: Salad with chicken breast


snack 3: baby carrots and hummus


dinner: chicken burrito bowls- brown rice, chicken, bell peppers, onions, Greek yogurt and black beans)

(this meal I have to sorta eat in 2 goes cuz its a LOT)


Snack 4: grapes


Like I said, ALOT of food. I have 7-8 meals per day. Over the 16 or so hours we are awake that means eating every 2 hours guys. It’s a chore to remember but so worth it.

So if you’re down here I’m guessing you may want the overnight oats recipe. Check it out! If you’re on portion fix and have your containers just follow the measurements below…otherwise Pinterest has thousands of ideas for overnight oats, i just took the pumpkin one and tweaked it just a little to suit my taste!

1 ❤️ container Greek yogurt 2% plain

1🧡 container chia seeds

1💛 container rolled oats

1💚 container (roughly half a can) of pumpkin

2-3 packets of stevia

pumpkin spice to taste

mix it all up in a pint mason jar (I used wide mouthed ones) then put the lid on them, put them in the fridge overnight and bam. breakfast in the morning. Delish! That’s allfor now! See you tomorrow!

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